Blog Update

Still cranking away on updating what I want to do with this. I’ve set getting Julia’s updated DonkeyGirl website and store and all that as a priority first, though; made some good progress on that this weekend, and hope to have it live sometime in the next week. It will need tweaking after that, but it will at least be functional. Then I can turn more attention back to my own stuff.

A Bummer Weekend

It’s been a sad place around here for the last 24 hours after getting news that a friend of the family, Mike Davis, bassist for Detroit rock legends MC5, has passed away. Details can be found here on Huffington Post, as well as other places.

Angela Davis, Mike’s wife (and MC5 manager), is one of Julia’s oldest friends, so Julia has known Mike for many years. She’s been pretty upset, and I was choked up listening to her speak to Angela on the phone yesterday. In the last few years I got to know Mike and Angela as well, and they are some of the friendliest, warmest people I’ve gotten to meet. I was just relaying a story that happened at the Davis house to a friend the other night, which Mike detailed in a blog post called, “Repairman Narrowly Escapes Satanic Cult.” While they lived in Oregon Julia and I were fortunate to visit them a couple times.

The impact on the music world by the MC5, particularly as it relates to the rock music I prefer, cannot be measured. They were giants. Mike will be missed. I’m very sorry for Angela and their boys. I’ll miss talking music and bass playing, remakes and amp settings with Mike.

Short Stories

Week seven in my short story reading challenge continued unabated. Here’s what I read the past seven days:

  1. Out the Window by Lawrence Block from The Night and the Music (ebook) (02/12/2012)
  2. Battle for the Laughing City by Richard Godwin from Thrillers, Killers n’ Chillers (Online) (02/12/2012)
  3. Still Life With Skulls by Charles Gramlich from In the Language of Scorpions (Borgo) (02/12/2012)
  4. God’s Dream by Charles Gramlich from Strange Worlds (Space Puppet) (02/13/2012)
  5. The Great Divide by Shann Ray from American Masculine (Graywolf) (02/14/2012)
  6. The Black Widow Club by Hilary Davidson from Needle: A Magazine of Noir (Spring 2010) (02/14/2012)
  7. People in Hell Just Want a Drink of Water by Annie Proulx from Close Range (Scribner) (02/15/2012)
  8. Look Down, This Is Where It Must Have Happened by Hal Niedzviecki from Look Down, This Is Where It Must Have Happened (City Lights) (02/15/2012)
  9. Fort Apache by Alan Heathcock from Volt (Graywolf) (02/16/2012)
  10. Lazarus by Alan Heathcock from Volt (Graywolf) (02/16/2012)
  11. Love of Life by Jack London from The Great Adventure Stories of Jack London (Bantam) (02/16/2012)
  12. Schott’s Bridge by Donald Ray Pollock from Knockemstiff (Anchor Books) (02/17/2012)
  13. Nickels and Dimes by John A. Imani from Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail! (Switchblade Press) (02/17/2012)
  14. The Lady & the Gimp by Paul D. Brazill from Pulp Ink (ebook) (02/18/2012)
  15. A Night at the Royale by Chris F. Holm from Pulp Ink (ebook) (02/18/2012)
  16. Clouds in a Bunker by David Cranmer from Pulp Ink (ebook) (02/18/2012)

American Falcon

The debut album is all mixed, and we mastered a couple songs to see how they sound. Sounds better than I ever would have expected. Artwork in process; this sucker should be out in March. I’m excited for people to (finally) get to hear it.


Here are three pictures (first two shot via iPhone, the third via Photo Booth; all processed via Instagram) to close this out; one from a hike last weekend in the desert, this one from yesterday cross-country skiing the Montana/Idaho border. And one that shows the brutal battle for desktop space. These make me happy. Except the desktop one.


About Chris La Tray

Chris La Tray is a writer and photographer from Missoula, MT. He is an enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

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  1. That is a real bummer about Mike Davis. And my condolences to Julia and yourself.

    Looking forward to the American Falcon album.

  2. I’m sure that you came out on top in that epic battle. 😀

    Looking forward to that American Falcon album as well. Been a while since I heard good rock music.

  3. So sorry to hear the sad news.
    The reading is fun but somewhat challenging if you also want to read novels and write.

    • Thanks, Patti.

      My regular book reading is down a bit, but I do try and read these stories at points where I wouldn’t normally be reading. Plus the goal of this whole thing was to get through a stack of collections I had, so at least I am getting through the TBR pile.

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